New Dress-up Games Games
  • Colorful Wedding Bride
    Colorful Wedding Bride
    She is a Colorful Wedding Bride, she loves colorful costumes, she doesn't want t
  • Modern Beach Girl
    Modern Beach Girl
    She is a cute Modern Girl, she loves beaches, she loves swimming, today she is e
  • Ancient Chinese Princess
    Ancient Chinese Princess
    She is a cute Ancient Chinese Princess, she loves old traditional dresses, she w
  • Magic Fairy
    Magic Fairy
    She is a pretty Magic Fairy, she knows Magic tricks, she gives gifts to good chi
  • Olympic Doll
    Olympic Doll
    It is a beautiful Olympic Doll, all children this doll, you have to dress this O
  • Sweet girl new fashion
    Sweet girl new fashion
    She is a Sweet girl, today she is going to enjoy her vacation, she wants to spen
  • Vietnam Girl Silk
    Vietnam Girl Silk
    She is a Vietnam Girl, she loves Silk costumes, today she is meeting her boyfrie
  • Girl Welcomes Spring season
    Girl Welcomes Spring season
    She is a cute Girl, today she welcomes Spring season with new dresses, she loves
  • Fashion girls style
    Fashion girls style
    They are cute Fashion girls, today they are wearing new Fashion costumes
  • Chinese girl dinner party
    Chinese girl dinner party
    She is a cute Chinese girl, today she is going to attend a dinner party, she lov
  • Swimming with dolphins
    Swimming with dolphins
    She is a cute girl, she loves dolphins, today she is going to Swim with dolphin
  • Girl pretty  fashion
    Girl pretty fashion
    She is a pretty Girl, today she is wearing pretty fashion costumes , she has un
  • beautiful girl in dinner party
    Beautiful girl in dinner party
    She is a beautiful girl, today she is going to a dinner party, she meets her fri
  • Forest fairy
    Forest fairy
    She is a cute Forest fairy, she loves cute animals, today she is playing with Fo
  • Olympics Cheerleaders
    Olympics Cheerleaders
    They are cute Cheerleaders, today they are performing in Olympics, it is their
  • Pretty Devil Girl fashion
    Pretty Devil Girl fashion
    She is a Pretty girl, she wants to wear Devil costumes today, she wants to scare
  • Little Magic Fairy
    Little Magic Fairy
    She is a Little Magic Fairy, she loves children, she gives gifts to good childre
  • Your fashion Show girl
    Your fashion Show girl
    You love fashion show, today I am inviting you to my fashion Show, you have to s
  • Waiting for boyfriend in Moonlight
    Waiting for boyfriend in Moonlight
    She is a cute girl, today she is Waiting for her boyfriend in Moonlight, she wan
  • Princess dream dance
    Princess dream dance
    She is a cute Princess, today she is dancing with her prince, it is her dream da
  • Guitarist Bride
    Guitarist Bride
    She is a cute Bride, she plays Guitar, she learnt guitar for ten years, today sh
  • Fairy in dinner Party
    Fairy in dinner Party
    She is a cute Fairy in dinner Party, she wants to meet her friends
  • Red fashion girl
    Red fashion girl
    She is a Red fashion girl, she loves all red color dresses, today she wants to w
  • Couple summer vacation
    Couple summer vacation
    They are cute couple, today they are going to enjoy their summer vacation, they
  • Cute Girl in streets
    Cute Girl in streets
    She is a very Cute Girl, today she is enjoying her day in the streets, she wants
  • Beautiful City Bride
    Beautiful City Bride
    She is a Beautiful City Bride, she lives in this Beautiful City, she wants to ma
  • Teenage Fashion Show
    Teenage Fashion Show
    She is a young teenage girl, today she is a going to attend Teenage Fashion Show
  • Pretty School girl
    Pretty School girl
    She is a Pretty School girl, she is enjoying her vacation, she is going to her p
  • Cute Emo girl shopping
    Cute Emo girl shopping
    She is a Cute Emo girl, today she is going for shopping, she is alone today
  • Mermaid dance
    Mermaid dance
    She is a pretty Mermaid, today she is dancing with other mermaids, she loves new
  • sweet little girl
    Sweet little girl
    She is a sweet little girl, today she is going to meet her parents, she lives in
  • Girl on comfortable sofa
    Girl on comfortable sofa
    She is a cute girl on comfortable sofa, she loves this new sofa, she spends too
  • Fashion star
    Fashion star
    She is a famous Fashion star, today she is attending a fashion party, she is mee
  • Girl and little Pony
    Girl and little Pony
    She is a cute girl, she has a pony, her father gave her this pony as birthday gi
  • Little Happy Mermaid
    Little Happy Mermaid
    She is a Little Happy Mermaid, she is always happy and smiles, she talks to fish
  • Forest Butterfly Fairy
    Forest Butterfly Fairy
    She is a Forest Butterfly Fairy, she is a very cute fairy, you have to dress her
  • Romantic School girl
    Romantic School girl
    She is a Romantic School girl, she is meeting her boyfriend, they are going to a
  • Korean Tradition girl
    Korean Tradition girl
    She is a Korean Tradition girl, she loves Korean traditional dresses, she bought
  • Nightclub pretty girl
    Nightclub pretty girl
    She is a Nightclub pretty girl, she loves night parties, she just came from work
  • Fashion photos girl
    Fashion photos girl
    She is a Fashion girl, she is taking many Fashion photos today, she is going to
  • Cute Princess royal
    Cute Princess royal
    She is a Cute Princess, today she is wearing her royal dresses , she is going fo
  • Cocktail Party girl
    Cocktail Party girl
    She is a Cocktail Party girl, she loves Cocktail Parties, she is meeting her fri
  • Lazy dog Summer
    Lazy dog Summer
    This is a cute Lazy dog, it is enjoying Summer, you love dogs
  • Pretty Princess on White Horse
    Pretty Princess on White Horse
    She is a Pretty Princess on White Horse, this is her favorite white horse, she i
  • School Uniform Cute girl
    School Uniform Cute girl
    She is a cute girl in School Uniform, she likes her School Uniform
  • Stylish lady
    Stylish lady
    She is a very Stylish lady, she is wearing new fashion dresses, she wants to imp
  • Lady on the Beach
    Lady on the Beach
    She is a Lady on the Beach, today she is enjoying her vacation, she loves swimmi
  • Beautiful Bride white
    Beautiful Bride white
    She is a Beautiful Bride, today she is going to wear her white wedding dresses
  • Horse rider girl
    Horse rider girl
    She is a Horse rider girl, she loves horses, she owns five horses in her farm, t
  • Bubble fashion girl
    Bubble fashion girl
    She is a very intelligent girl, she is wearing Bubble fashion costumes today
  • Casual Denim girl
    Casual Denim girl
    She is a Casual Denim girl, she want to wear Casual dresses today, she is a very
  • Happy Valentine
    Happy Valentine
    She is a Happy Valentine, she is meeting her boyfriend today, she is going to ki
  • Cute Puppy in park
    Cute Puppy in park
    It is my Cute Puppy, today i am taking this puppy to park for walking
  • Smart Girl
    Smart Girl
    She is a very Smart Girl, she is very intelligent, she reads books always, she
  • forest couple
    Forest couple
    They are forest couple, they live in forest, they found these dresses in a boat,
  • Town Fashion girl
    Town Fashion girl
    She is a Town Fashion girl, she is from a small town, she is going to participat
  • Girl on Bus
    Girl on Bus
    She is a pretty girl, she is travelling in a bus, she is going to meet her child
  • Child fashion
    Child fashion
    She is a child fashion girl, she is going to participate in child fashion contes
  • stylish Cat
    Stylish Cat
    She is a pretty stylish cat, she is going to attend a costume party
  • Emo princess
    Emo princess
    She is a Emo princess, today she is going to a night party, she wants to be bea
  • Forest Elf
    Forest Elf
    She is a cute Forest Elf, she lives in this forest, today she is going to hunt
  • Princess Wedding
    Princess Wedding
    She is a pretty Princess, today she is getting married, she loves her prince ve
  • Pink Gowns girl
    Pink Gowns girl
    She is a cute girl, she loves Pink Gowns, she bought many Pink color Gowns, toda
  • Cute Village girl in college
    Cute Village girl in college
    She is a Cute Village girl, she joined a new college in big city, she is very in
  • Glamorous style in school Party
    Glamorous style in school Party
    She is a Glamorous girl, she is going to attend school Party, she wants to impr
  • Cute girl in club
    Cute girl in club
    She is a Cute girl in club, she is going to attend a party in club, she is danc
  • Hawaii Dancer
    Hawaii Dancer
    She is a Hawaii Dancer, today she is dancing in a party, she loves dancing too m
  • Summer Vacation girl
    Summer Vacation girl
    She is a Summer Vacation girl, she is going to her village to enjoy her Summer V
  • Best beauty queens
    Best beauty queens
    They are all beauty queens, they are good friends, today they are going to atten
  • Wedding on Train
    Wedding on Train
    They are cute couple, they are getting married on Train, they are also going to
  • Lady riding bike
    Lady riding bike
    She is a Lady riding bike, she loves speed bikes, she rides bike very well, toda
  • Courier Girl
    Courier Girl
    She is a Courier Girl, she delivers letters to people, she is very fast, she use
  • Perfect Romantic Bride
    Perfect Romantic Bride
    She is a Perfect Romantic Bride, she wants her wedding dress to be perfect, she
  • Lovely couple
    Lovely couple
    They are pretty Lovely couple, they each other very much, today they are enjoyin
  • Bubble Girl Fun
    Bubble Girl Fun
    She is a cute girl, today she is going to play with bubbles in the park, she cre
  • Hold My Hand
    Hold My Hand
    They are cute friends, they hold their hands while walking, they are going to a
  • Land Of Gold
    Land Of Gold
    It is a Land Of Gold, this cute girl is going to search the Gold, she is a Histo
  • Salsa Lessons
    Salsa Lessons
    They are cute happy couple, they are learning Salsa Lessons, they want to impres
  • Friends playing in  snow
    Friends playing in snow
    They are cute friends, today she is going to play in snow
  • Aliens Fashion
    Aliens Fashion
    She is a cute girl, she was taken by Aliens, they want to study our Fashion
  • Library girl
    Library girl
    She is a cute Library girl, she always reads books in library, she wants to be a
  • Dream Garden girl
    Dream Garden girl
    She is your Garden girl, she loves garden, plants and flowers, she sometimes mi
  • Little Vampire
    Little Vampire
    She is a cute Little Vampire, today she wants to wear her new vampire dresses, s
  • Jungle Princess
    Jungle Princess
    She is a cute Jungle Princess, she is going to play with rabbits and birds
  • Pretty Bridesmaid
    Pretty Bridesmaid
    She is a Pretty Bridesmaid, her best friend is marrying today, she is going to h
  • Glamorous Guest
    Glamorous Guest
    She is a Glamorous Guest, she is coming to your house today, you like this Glamo
  • Wedding in a Park
    Wedding in a Park
    She is a cute bride, today she is marrying her boyfriend in a park, she loves na
  • Emo girl shopping
    Emo girl shopping
    She is a cute Emo girl, today she is going for shopping, she is going to a super
  • Athlete girl
    Athlete girl
    She is a Athlete girl, she plays basketball for her school team
  • Green Eyes Girl
    Green Eyes Girl
    She is a Green Eyes Girl, she loves new modern fashion,
  • My original style
    My original style
    Today you have to help me in my original fashion style, she loves new fashion dr
  • Bunny on the Moon
    Bunny on the Moon
    It is a cute bunny, it is sitting on the Moon, you love this bunny very much
  • Pretty Mermaid in sea
    Pretty Mermaid in sea
    She is a Pretty Mermaid in sea, she is playing with fishes and other sea animals
  • My Cute Pets
    My Cute Pets
    They are My Cute Pets, they love to play all the day, sometimes they fight also
  • small town girl
    Small town girl
    She is a cute small town girl, she is attending a wedding today
  • Roller Skating Girl
    Roller Skating Girl
    She is a Roller Skating Girl, today she is going to practice the game, she has a

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